6 Effective Waterproofing Products You Need to Try for Long-lasting Structures

6 Effective Waterproofing Products You Need to Try for Long-lasting Structures

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Owning a property means you are fully responsible for maintaining its exteriors and interiors. Preventative actions often cost less and save time compared to fixing damages, especially in humid weather.

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Waterproofing is critical to the structure’s stability. It is almost impossible to repair after the damage is done. Cracks in the roof can eventually lead to leaks in the ceiling, especially if moist areas accumulate during the rainy season.

Here’s a list of quality waterproofing materials for your next project!

1. Holcim Aqua X 

Holcim Aqua X is the first general cement in the Philippines to contain active water repellent boosters. They designed the product in response to a customer’s urgent need for a solution that protects structures from water damage. Compared to current procedures, like applying repellent to walls or including a water-proofing component in the concrete mix, these make it easier to construct water-resistant structures.

Mortar and concrete made using Holcim Aqua X are more durable and will last longer with better protection against water damage.

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2. Davies MortaFlex 

DAVIES ® MORTAFLEX ® is a water-based acrylic polymer developed to improve the performance of cement mortar or concrete. The resulting cement compound has superior adhesion, water resistance, and mechanical strength over standard cement-water mixtures.

It turns cement into a waterproofing layer that is both resistant and flexible. It is highly resistant to water penetration on landscape flat decks and wind-driven rain on exterior walls.

3. Bostik Powermix

Powermix is a flexible, fibre-reinforced, and particularly modified high-grade acrylic polymer that is blended with Portland Cement to give concrete surfaces enhanced water protection and more.

Its key features are: superior water impermeability, flexible and fibre-reinforced and most compatible to concrete substrates (being cementitious).

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4. DAVCO Captain Shield Cement 

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External plastering, floors, baths, slabs, beams, columns, and foundations can all benefit from DAVCO Captain Shield Cement Waterproofing Compound. Its WaterGuard Technology forms a protective barrier that blocks water and helps against sulfate-chloride attacks. This aids in the construction of long-lasting concrete structures and cement plasters by providing long-term water resistance.

5. NovTek Concrete Waterproofing

NOVTEK CONCRETE WATERPROOFING 4.5KG - One-Stop Shop Home Improvement Store Philippines | AllHome

For concrete and mortar surfaces, NovTek Concrete Waterproofing is a one-component cementitious waterproofing solution with specific polymers and chemical admixtures that prevents water penetration and seepage.

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6. Thoro Waterplug

thoro waterplug 10lb

THORO WATERPLUG® is a Portland-cement-based hydraulic repair mortar that instantly stops water from leaking through holes or cracks in concrete or masonry. Even under continuous water pressure, it expands as it sets to lock into place even underwater.

Prevention is always better than cure. Your structure’s health is just as important as your own, so it’s essential that you use the best waterproofing practices.

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